Creating Spaces 2021: March 21st-May 31st


Rufus Pollard of Malmesbury Abbey House Gardens says: “After months of lockdown, we cannot wait to greet friends and families to all celebrate the glory of the garden and the eye of the sculptor”.

Building on the success of 2018 and 2019, ‘Creating Spaces 2020’ was an amazing achievement. Having been thoughtfully installed before the first strict lockdown, it was required to remain closed. When it was then allowed to open, it became a place of joy – being outside in freedom and connecting to beauty in the world along with wonderful sculptures, created from wood, ceramic, glass, stone and bronze. There is a wide variety of styles of sculpture, reflecting the membership of nearly 100 members from the Cotswold area, ranging from lifelike and life-sized figures, to abstract pieces of pure joy and amazement. All of them complement the beautiful gardens – long vistas, intimate corners, and the riverside walk.

In addition to gardens to explore, is the beautiful Belvedere, a wood and glass space looking out onto the valley below. This is filled with sculptures – wall pieces, hanging sculptures and wood carvings all more suited to an indoor setting.

The gardens are ‘paid for entry’ and therefore outside spaces are expected to remain open should any further lockdown restrictions occur. Refreshments available, according to the latest government guidelines. For further information, opening times and prices, see



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