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If, like us, you’ve been moving less throughout winter and this lockdown, the thought of figuring out how to start exercising again can seem daunting. There are a few things to think about and Dyer St Clinic chiropractor, Dr Emily, shares her top tips for getting back to regular movement and avoiding injury. 

  1. Be kind to yourself. You’re not going to be as fit as you were and that is OK. Start small with a 10 minute session. 
  1. One day. You can’t get to three or four days a week without mastering one day a week.  As you get more comfortable, you can work up to more sessions. 
  2. Beginners know how. There are plenty of beginner exercises that are a great foundation for many different types of workouts. Not sure where to start? Book a 1:1 consultation with one of our exercise specialised physios Sarah or Alastair for a tailored program. 
  3. Rest days. Recovery is part of being active. Even when you take a day off, your body isn’t, it’s working to repair and replenish. Rest days are key to long term wellness. 
  4. Healthy habits like eating fueling foods, reducing stress, focusing on mental health and getting enough sleep are all important as you reintroduce exercise into your life. 
  5. Quality over quantity. Slow down, be deliberate and conscious of your movements and take the time to focus on your form, your breathing and control. 
  6. Too much too soon. The most common cause of injury I treat is from people over-doing it initially. Build up your session lengths, reps or weights gradually over a period of months. 
  7. All movement counts. Walking, kitchen dancing, gardening, football in the garden with your kids, think of a movement that brings you joy and do it regularly. 

If you have any pain or injury at the moment, you can book an appointment online via our website www.dyerstclinic.com or by calling 01285 671 442.

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