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Moving to online club meetings on a Monday night has proved to be surprisingly popular, with high attendance for all our talks this season, something we would never have thought to do if it wasn’t for the lockdown restrictions.  Over the next few months, we’ll be considering how we can use this more flexible approach in future years.

Carol Thorne

Club members have recently enjoyed a number of talks highlighting the benefits of photography on mental well-being, alongside the regular club competitions and technical presentations. Who knew when booking these speakers in 2020 how relevant the content would still be in 2021?

In January travel and landscape photographer Stu McKenzie shared images from his travels in the Arctic Circle and with eagle hunters in Kazakhstan. Alongside some stunning images the club heard how he believes photography can offer benefits to those suffering from PTSD or depression.

Last month fine art landscape photographer Paul Sanders shared his very personal story. After a career culminating in the position of Picture editor at The Times, Paul needed to make a change for the sake of his mental health and found a serenity and mindfulness in his approach to landscape photography.

These moving talks offered some very inspiring messages about the benefits of stepping back and taking a simple approach to enjoying photography, and to stop and see the beauty even when we don’t have our camera with us.  

We are an active local club for everyone with an interest in photography, whether a beginner or an expert; it’s a place to meet people who share a passion for photography, and to learn how to take better pictures.

We welcome new members and visitors – whether in real life or virtually – and can be contacted on info@cirencestercameraclub.org.

Mike Cheeseman

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  1. John Smith

    Great article, I have enjoyed many intresting talks this season.

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