Cirencester Growth Hub – Success Story May 21

Growing a business is ultimately what any entrepreneur wants to do. Even a little bit of success makes all the hours seem worthwhile. But while it’s hard enough in the best of times, it’s even tougher during a pandemic!

At Cirencester Growth Hub, we’re delighted when we see our members flourish – and it’s even more rewarding when results are visible during these most challenging of times.

Local advertising agency, Make It Sticky, has grown so much in the last year they’ve outgrown their incubator space at the Growth Hub and moved into larger premises nearby.

For founders, Tim Orr and Maurice Fullarton, this is all part of their expansion plan, and the result of great work by the whole Sticky Team. So, we asked them for their top tips for other budding business owners who are keen to see continued growth.

Invest in people. Make sure you choose the right team around you which live and breathe your brand and want to work hard to help bring success.

  1. Focus on your core strengths. Stick with what you know and find trusted partners to support you in any other areas (they might pass work your way to)!
  2. Don’t neglect the work. The work is what you will become known for and what will help you grow. Keep your focus on delivering great work and having happy customers and the rest should follow.
  3. Put platforms in place. Make sure you have all of the process and platforms in place to help you grow and, importantly, maintain that growth. This should include sales, onboarding and client management strategies.
  4. Network, network, network. Being in the Hub, surrounded by other businesses means the networking opportunities are second to none. More traditional networking meetings also provide this opportunity and play an integral part in growing your profile within the local business community.
  5. Consider your environment. Setting up a suitable workspace is key. Even if it’s just your bedroom to start with, make sure it’s conducive to being productive. And, when the time is right to make a move, try and find somewhere with the right facilities, space and vibe!
  6. And finally, remember the bottom line. There’s nothing wrong with being cautious and managing your risk. Leave a little extra padding in your budget for things you overlooked or didn’t account for, as even the most successful business can fail if they can’t pay the bills.

makeitsticky.co.uk / 02920 003 233/ hello@makeitsticky.co.uk

You can contact Yesim Nicholson (Cirencester Growth Hub Manager) and the team at cirencester@thegrowthhub.biz or 01285 889850. See website www.thegrowthhub.biz/

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