Cirencester Twinning Association: Erasmus Scrapped, Alternative Brings Change

Alas poor Erasmus . . .

Funded by the EU but scrapped to save money post Brexit, the scheme is being replaced by the Turing project for exchanges and overseas study in work and higher education.
Whilst broadening the boundaries beyond Europe to become a global programme, unlike Erasmus, tuition and travel costs will not be paid however, allowances to disadvantaged students will be put to the fore. Just how £110m can support the proposed 35000 students, needs some further explanation.

Cirencester Twinning furthered the chance to link virtually with others from SW England after initial contact pre Covid in Bristol.

Organised in the main by the Bristol-Hannover Council the discussions centred around Active Twinning, Young People – in particular raising the Twinning profile, and Publicity/Fundraising. All ideas raised were beneficial and interestingly so was the one where the label ‘Twinning’ was suggested as being out of date. Should we go with the preferred term of ‘partnership’ used in Germany. How does Cirencester Partnership sound? Our main problem in Cirencester is low membership and difficulty in staging social events unlike the very positive response of our residents to hosting visitors from Itzehoe and St Genis Laval. It has been suggested that any membership to the many societies a town or city has to offer is inversely proportional to its population. The alternatives are just too extensive.

Take note Cirencester Schools: The children of Hatherop C of E Primary School aged between 4 and 11 with families, walked, ran and cycled around the local area aiming to ‘cover’ the 700 miles between Cirencester and Itzehoe during the February half-term. The collective mission to raise funds achieved over £2000 to be put to aiding remote learning and upgrading IT equipment.

What a fantastic idea in the first place, achieving their goal and more. Well done!

Acknowledgment of their endeavour is going to be recognised by Itzehoe Council too.

Please visit our website for contact: www.cirencestertwinningassociation.org.uk

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