CHYP Stratton Superstars Events

Over the summer of 2021 we will be holding the first ever ‘Stratton Superstars’ event. The event will raise funds for Cirencester based charities, including Stratton Youth Football Club, Stratton Playgroup, Stratton School and Cirencester Housing for Young People (CHYP). We will also distribute up to 5% for local food banks and up to 10% of the money received to local grassroots sports teams for them to invest in continuing, and enhancing, youngsters’ access to sports such as rugby, tennis and hockey.

The series of activities comprises the following events and timings:

April: Marathon – Aim to achieve 26.2 miles over the course of the month, the goal is more about completing than time!
May: Cycling – Cycle 200km throughout May
June 5th: Zumba with Meryl Miller
July 3rd: Fitness Boot Camp with Your Fitness Community
August 30th: Running – there will be a single route equalling 6.55 miles. You can choose to run this once or up to four times (four is marathon distance!). You can do it individually or in a relay as a team!

The final event will start and finish at Stratton House Hotel. Once we start and through until 4pm there will be festivities and fun at Stratton House for both supporters and runners while raising as much as we can in the last few hours of the event.

How can you participate?

All the main events will be held in Cirencester but, with the exception of the final day, people can participate wherever they choose. You can do as many activities as you wish to do and can either join in with the main group or complete them independently (both the June and July activities will be streamed online).

On the final day we will have a shorter route for those aged under 18 so they can join in with the last few miles of the run before our finish at Stratton House.

To register or Donate you can visit http://strattonsuperstars.co.uk/

Facebook @strattonsuperstars

There are also opportunities for businesses to sponsor the event.

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