The Phoenix Festival Launches Fundraising Campaign

Phoenix Festival 2019 site by Martin Reynolds

The Phoenix Festival organisers are asking everyone who has attended and has yet to attend this two-day free-to-enter community event to make a donation to its Just Giving page and help the Phoenix soar again this summer!

Glen Moreman Festival Manager said: “We’re acutely aware, we are all in difficult times and organisers of any event are undoubtedly under some strain. We are however, still tentatively planning to go ahead this summer but because 2020 was cancelled, due to Covid-19, we have lost a huge chunk of our funding and are now in a critical position.”

Phoenix Festival 2019 fan by Martin Reynolds

The Festival costs around £50,000 to stage all of which is raised by a small volunteer committee through grants, sponsorship, concessions and donations. Some financial and in-kind support is provided by the Cirencester Community Development Trust, Cirencester Town Council and Cotswold District Council and some local businesses too but this year there is a £15,000 shortfall.

Glen Moreman adds “Since the 2019 festival we have not been able to complete any fundraising, as there have been far more important things going on in the world. So we now find ourselves faced with a shortfall of approximately £15,000 that we need to raise. If everyone who likes our social media pages and who’s been to the festival donated just £2 each then we would achieve our goal easily, we know times are tough, but this is the reality.”

To help you can:

Donate via the Phoenix Festival Just Giving page www.justgiving.com/fundraising/phoenixfestival2021

Like and Share the Phoenix Festival Facebook page


Contact the Phoenix Festival by email: info@phoenix-festival.co.uk

Phoenix Festival 2019 programme by LPA Photography.

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