Somewhere Else Writers (SEW) June 2021 Tina Baker

Tina Baker

Tina Baker has recently ventured into the world of writing poetry, encouraged by the more experienced poets of Somewhere Else Writers’ Group, and is gradually building her first collection. Her poetry is mainly inspired by the theme of memories, and the power they have, whether good or bad.

Tina also writes short stories and was surprised and delighted to be short listed for the Stroud Short Story competition in 2020.

Another love is play writing and one of her plays, a comedy, has been aired on Corinium Radio.

On the back burner is a completed novel awaiting its fourth redraft, which will hopefully be published, one day.

When she is not reading or writing, Tina spends her time walking in the beautiful Gloucestershire countryside, and trying to tame her garden.

To read Tina’s poem ‘Testament’ go to cirenscene.com.

You can read more work by local writers at somewhere-else-writers.org.


By Tina Baker

Black ink shines
on a silver nib
and time hangs.

He remembers a church of sallow stone
where bees gathered pollen
from a wedding bouquet,
and white lace was caught
in a tangled hedgerow,
and the virginal fear of love,
and war entwined.

He smells the earthy stench
of soil and blood
and hears the dying words
of someone’s son,
and the cries of his newborn child.

He feels the loss
and all the joy,
that is his life.

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