A Russian Doll – Barn Theatre Review

A co-production between The Barn Theatre and London’s Arcola Theatre.

Review by Carlo Vuolo, Ciren Scene Magazine.

Live theatre returned to Cirencester on the 18th of May with the latest production by The Barn Theatre. Cat Goscovitch’s thought provoking one woman play, A Russian Doll, had its world premiere in this wonderful venue, in front of a carefully managed and socially distanced audience.

Directed by Nicolas Kent it stars the fabulous Rachel Redford, whose perfectly accented monologue brings to life the tale of a young Russian student, Masha, who is seduced by a manipulative oligarch into a game of modern-day espionage. Set in St. Petersburg in 2016, Masha is tasked with mining one of the modern world’s most valuable commodities, data. Through social media outlets, she reluctantly seeks to influence the result of the EU Referendum to Russia’s advantage.

Rachel Redford plays the part superbly, a commanding presence on stage for well over an hour, her Russian accent, coached by Katherine Heath, totally convincing. Cat Goscovitch’s script, based on a true story, examines the long-suspected involvement of Russia in western elections, told from the perspective of the troll herself. With moments of dry humour, a smattering of bad language and the Barn Theatre’s usual minimalist set, A Russian Doll is another must see offering from our fantastic local theatre.  

***** “An excellent portrayal – a thought provoking story of modern-day Russian espionage.”

Tickets from barntheatre.org.uk

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