Corinium Radio Celebrates 15th Anniversary All Year

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Fifteen years ago last month, Corinium Radio launched itself as Cirencester’s community radio station and we are still here, helping YOU to get YOUR voice heard across the Cotswolds and beyond, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

There have been many highlights during our 15 years – check out our website for more details – and, of course, some challenges but, what saw us through was the ability to “think like a pirate radio station” – remember Radio Caroline … we became Cirencester on the wild seas! In the beginning, one of our biggest challenges was finding a studio to broadcast from. We moved from Cirencester College to the library to someone’s garage and finally Bingham House, thanks to Bingham Library Trust. This challenge just reared its head again, courtesy of COVID 19 as we still aren’t able to go into our studio but, using our tried and tested Radio Caroline model, we came up with a solution and we haven’t lost a single day’s broadcast!

Over 15 years, we have:

  • supported community events such as the creation of the human poppy in the Market Place. See our video recording how the community came together on our NEWS page.
  • offered work experience to students from schools and colleges. Take a look at the banner on our website to find our latest way of helping 16 – 24 year-olds back into work.
  • organised pop-up studios at events such as the Phoenix Festival, broadcasting LIVE from these events and helping visitors share their stories. Contact us if you would like Corinium Radio to pop up at your event!
  • supported tourism and local businesses, encouraging more visitors to shop locally. Talk to us about having a “shout-out” on Corinium Radio throughout the day.

And, of course, we continue to make some fantastic shows so do listen and, don’t forget, if you miss any, you can listen again by clicking LISTEN AGAIN on www.coriniumradio.com

Contact: caroleboydell@coriniumradio.co.uk or call 07776 144033

Corinium Radio is an award winning volunteer-led online community radio station, broadcasting from the heart of Cirencester.

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