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Marketing, Where to Start?

So, by the time this comes to print we will be back to some form of normality – hopefully. Over a year of disruptions can play havoc with anyone’s business whether you carried on throughout or closed up shop?

The Growth Hub are always here to help and we wanted to share with you some pointers to help kick start your marketing.

First things first you need to create your Marketing strategy – what do you want to achieve with any marketing activity – what is your end goal? It is important that you include information about your ideal customers, what they look like, what makes them tick and most importantly how you can get in front of them. Our workshop ‘How to make marketing more effective’ on 19th June could help with this.

Once you know what you want to achieve and who your ideal customers are you need to write down HOW you will achieve it –Four Ps:

Product – does your product / service meet your customer’s needs?

Price – is it priced appropriately, will people pay that price and will you make a profit selling it at that?

Place – where will you sell it and how will you sell it? Online only, your own retail shop, through third parties. What works best for you and your business?

Promotion – how will people find out about your business? This P is all about the marketing mix, a couple of things to get you started:

BRAND – does it tell your customers who you are and what you sell? Does it align with the values of your business? – Workshop 16th June – Brand Strategy – how to take a step back to move your business forward

Social media – one of the most cost effective forms of marketing due to it being free!! Decide which platform work best for your business and go for it. Worry you will struggle to come up with enough posts, look no further than our Workshop 9th June – How to come up with a months’ worth of social media posts in a matter of hours.

To find out more about the marketing mix see our article next month.

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