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The Body Workshop Pilates

Feel comfortable in mind and body

Does the idea of moving with ease and feeling good within your mind and body sound appealing? If so, why not prioritise 1 hour a week for you, where you focus in on moving your body in the most efficient and optimal way? At The Body Workshop Pilates we focus in on moving through the Pilates exercises in the most functional and efficient way possible, to restore the body to an optimal alignment. When the body is able to settle into optimal alignment the risk of injuries is reduced and the body is a happier and easier place to be. Research shows that when the body is pain free, moves with ease and is comfortable, the mind is influenced in a positive way as, stress levels are lowered and therefore, both mind and body can settle down and relax.

All are welcome to join us for 1:1 sessions, Mat Classes and Reformer Classes in our fully equipment Pilates studio in the Cirencester.

Pilates Instructor Training

We are hosting Reformer instructor training in Cirencester with Polestar Pilate UK this Summer, please do get in touch if you are interested in training as a Pilates instructor.

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