Cirencester Probus May Meeting Notes

The Cirencester Probus meeting on 4th May, was a lively debate on the future of Cirencester post lockdown and in the longer term.

Recognising the structure of local government, we indevoured to identify areas over which the Town Council has direct influence and where the community and the Town Council should act as one to exert pressure on Gloucestershire County Council and Cotswold District Council.

Suggestions were:

  1. The Town Council to be non-political in its discussion or decision-making process to ensure all actions have at their heart the future welfare of the whole community in the town and surrounding villages. An example of how this can be easily achieved is for councillors to be required to leave the meeting if they introduce a political element to discussions or decisions.
  2. In conjunction with the University and the College push for affordable learning / training for those either not in full employment.
  3. Improved signage to better identify car parking best suited to long and short-term stays, including time/distance to Town Centre, plus improved parking and drop off points for coaches.
  4. Ensure all visitor & tour operator publicity includes all attractions (public and private) with opening times, charges etc. and hopefully, benefits available through use of the ‘My Cirencester’ card.
  5. To ensure that all actions compliment deriving maximum economic and social advantage from already planned future change – especially the Steadings Development and changes resulting from the green revolution.
  6. Improvements to all public spaces and facilities to be driven by the Town Council with the involvement of the community. We see Phoenix gardeners and the My Cirencester card as two examples of this.
  7. Town Council to work with the local community, landlords and businesses to ensure Cirencester receives its fair share of regeneration support and is seen as a thriving community with a bright economic future. 

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