Corinium Paints Summer Deals

Corinium Paints at 18 Elliot Rd

Summer is fast approaching! With more time being spent outside and the weather warming to a fantastic DIY degree, we are inviting customers to a Summer Sale to remember. Corinium Paints has been solving those difficult exterior paint problems for the people of Cirencester and beyond for years. We pride ourselves on being able to answer the most commonly asked decorating questions at this time of year……when it counts!

With the Exterior products that we hold you are able to get those designer colours, directly into Trade quality products at great prices. We have brushes, rollers and all of the accessories needed to complete any size project you might decide to tackle this summer. 

Our shop, Corinium Paints, has been supplying both the DIY and trade customers of Cirencester for the best part of a decade now. We have been lucky enough to also support many local businesses and charitable causes. In Cirencester we hold the largest range of interior paints, exterior paints, wood stains, varnishes and oils from the leading brands. ……. and we are still growing. Our mixing machines allow us to create bespoke colours to match anything, whether it be a gardening fork or a flower petal. Now that we are allowed to get outside for those family BBQ’s that we have all been waiting for, why not freshen up the decking and paint those fences, or even get some protection on that garden furniture? There really is no limit to what you can transform. With a “Corinium Paints Exterior Trim and Masonry” recommended System for the exterior of your property you can bring a bespoke colour Palette to your home, whilst also adding years of protection against those harsh winter months.

This offer includes products from some of the leading Paint manufacturers in the world providing great durability and protection against both low temperatures and UV fading. We hold both water based and oil based systems that can offer up to 15 years protection against the elements. Buying Trade paint is crucial when considering the longevity of any job.

If you need more assistance or advice with what you should be using and where, feel free to contact us for free professional advice or visit our website www.corinium-paints.co.uk

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