Inspector Hobbes and the Common People by Wilkie Martin

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Book 5 in the unhuman series

Cirencester resident, Wilkie Martin, uses warped versions of the town and the Cotswolds for inspiration when writing the cosy-mystery-comedy-crime-fantasy-novels in his unhuman series. His latest, Inspector Hobbes and the Common People, the fifth in the series, is due for release on 31 July 2021.

His hapless narrator, Andy Caplet, is a reporter on the local paper. Although he fears being fired (again), Andy is more concerned with a shady property developer who not only has designs upon the common but also on his wife.

He hopes to forget such problems on a mission to the mountains with Hobbes, but encounters more perils with foul weather, inedible food, brigands, and a terrifying cruise. Fortunately, leopards, yetis and Flossy, the yak, take a shine to him. 

Back in the Cotswolds town of Sorenchester, a child gets murdered and a new detective takes on the case. When Hobbes returns, he (with Andy’s dubious assistance) is relegated to hunting an enormous bird with killer feet. Meanwhile, Andy still worries about the common and the reclusive Common People (surely not yetis?), who will lose their homes if the housing development goes ahead. 

Wilkie’s books are available as ebooks, or in paperback, large print paperback, hardcover or as (award-winning) audiobooks narrated by the marvellous Tim Campbell. They can be purchased from Amazon or from all good bookshops. As Wilkie J. Martin, he also has children’s grim picture books. 

Wilkie Martin

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Wilkie is published in Cirencester by The Witcherley Book Company (https://witcherleybooks.com).

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