Corinium Radio Introduces: Paul Jefferies Aug 21

Every month, Corinium Radio introduces you to some truly amazing people who bring their wonderful and interesting stories to our listeners.

This month, it’s the turn of Paul Jefferies, the best jazz impresario on our books! We have been collaborating with Paul for over three years, helping to bring an amazing selection of jazz to the Cirencester airwaves either via our weekly show, Charlie’s Jazz Picks, or the monthly series of jazz concerts at the Kings Head, Cirencester. It’s great to welcome LIVE jazz back!

And, if you want to have a glimpse of Paul’s life journey towards being a professional bass player, just watch our latest CR TALKS video, From Playing Boris to Jazz Impresario on the Corinium Radio website.

We are also introducing you to Tom Harvey, known to many as Carver Harvey. Tom has been working on two enormous statues which will shortly be unveiled in the Abbey Grounds, Cirencester. These larger than life oak carvings, depicting a Canon and an Abbot, form part of a celebration to be held in September when Bishop Rachel will bless these and another two figures – referred to as the Black Jack statues – soon to be in place in the Parish Church tower. Hear Tom explain his part in the project, alongside the creator of the Monk’s Garden in Abbey Grounds, Martin Portus, in the first of two programmes, The Blessing of the Statues in Cirencester on Corinium Radio’s LISTEN AGAIN on-demand service.

For more information, contact: caroleboydell@coriniumradio.co.uk or call 07776 144033

Don’t forget, listen to our fantastic shows and – if you miss any – you can listen again by clicking LISTEN AGAIN on www.coriniumradio.com

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