CCS: Cirencester Market Place Receives Award

A new plaque has been erected to mark the renovation of the Market Place. The Town Council received an award from Civic Voice (the national body representing Civic Societies) in 2018.

The photograph features Martin Jones: Engineer, John Tiffney Chair of the Civic Society, Martin Portus: Designer, Cllr Patrick Coleman, and Simon Large: Project Manager, outside Whitewall Gallery whose owners kindly allowed the plaque to be erected.

2 comments on “CCS: Cirencester Market Place Receives Award

  1. Is this a joke ..? It’s a laughing stock … complete chaos on a daily basis as you are well aware.

  2. Has anyone actually done any surveys to see how market place users feel about the renovation, obviously there are some people who feel the strategy was bold and exciting and others who have taken issue with a number of aspects. Has there been any sensible measure of whether it was considered successful by the people that use it?

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