Chamber Update: Sept 21

From online back to face to face….

This month’s report is always quite short because following our AGM in July, the Chamber takes a break during August because a lot of our members are away on holiday. That said we have still been working and planning for September and beyond.

New businesses opening in the town

As we come out of lockdown, it’s great to see new shops and new businesses opening in the town. We now have a great new gallery in the Market place called Cotswold Contemporary as well as Moonstruck who have gone into the old Mistral shop. Both are well worth a visit. It’s also great to see Hudson Rose mortgages opening at the bottom of Dyer Street offering a truly contemporary take on investment and mortgage advice. Welcome one and all to Cirencester.

Open air events 

Congratulations to all involved in the recent Cotswold Show which took place a couple of weekends ago in Cirencester Park sponsored by SML and Moore Allen. We were very lucky with the weather and in speaking to Lord Bathurst, he said how pleased he was to see lots of local residents enjoying a great day out. Then the Cirencester Food Festival held in the Abbey Grounds and the Market Place the following weekend was also a huge success, despite rain on the first day. A number of local businesses took part in this celebration of street food (see page 32) including Non Solo Pasta, and queues quickly formed at the different stalls to try their tasty fare.

Next on the calendar will be the ‘statue blessing event’ at St John the Baptist Church in the afternoon of Sunday 5th September when the Bishop of Gloucester will be unveiling and blessing the new bronze statues of St John the Baptist and the Virgin Mary on the Parish Church as well as the new monastic garden in the Abbey Grounds. There will be lots of activities taking place so please support the event.

My Cirencester

The My Cirencester card continues to attract new residents with over 1500 people signed up and new businesses featured on the website including:

Cirencester Growth hub
Cafe Mosaic
The Sundial Theatre 
Jade Clothing in the Corn Hall 

Remember to always have your card with you and to check the My Cirencester website for the latest offers www.mycirencester.co.uk

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