Cirencester Book Group

We are a small and friendly book group in Cirencester that meets in person once a month.  In the event that our Covid-related circumstances change we’ll be meeting by Zoom.  We welcome all adult readers from our local area and read a wide variety of books.  We dont have a single theme and we choose our program of books together.  We’re open to most genres but as the books have to be reasonably easily sourced by all members, we’re quite mainstream.

During August we’ve been reading Lionel Shriver’s Should We Stay or Should We Go.  It is set in contemporary times in the UK and the events take place against the backdrop of current socio-political events.  It is about two middle-aged medical professionals who, having seen too many patients die from a slow decline make a pact to commit suicide together when they turn 80.  The book explores 12 parallel universes each with different future outcomes.  By turns touching, hilarious, playful but never sinking deeply into sadness.  The reader doesn’t get a chance to mourn the loss of a character because they’ll be alive and kicking in the next chapter.

If you have ever read a book and wanted to find someone else who had read it so you could discuss it with them, a book group is for you.

Contact: Nadia Pavlak on pavlan@yahoo.com

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