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Are you often wondering what sort of thing you might be able to add to the kid’s bedrooms to keep those imaginations active and creative flare alive? Well, we are here to introduce just a few ideas that keeps that sparkle in their eye and in some cases on the wall too!

There is a lot more in the world of paint than just the off whites and the magnolias that you might usually find yourself buying. Let’s start with the idea of not only having the right colour on the wall but also encouraging the creativity of a child by adding their individual touch each day. With products like our Magnetic Chalkboard Paint this is a complete reality, they would be able to sketch out their inner designs and simply wipe it down and start again whenever the next Picasso springs into mind. Our glitter additive can be used alongside our huge range of colours and can also be added to our expert colour matches from any item inside or outside your home. Rather than having a simple Matt finish on the wall why not let the light shimmer across the glitter and have something a bit more eye catchy?

Choosing the right colour for a kid’s bedroom can be quite daunting. Here are some of the most popular colours for the kid’s bedrooms and the impact that it may have on mood:

Dark Green – If you’re looking for a bold, sophisticated colour for your kid’s bedroom, dark green paint is an on-trend option. The rich colour is having a moment in the interior design world, and for good reason — it’s soothing and grounding, and makes a big statement.

Cool Blues – If you want to instil a sense of calm and relaxation in your child’s room, turn to cool blues and subtle greens

Neutrals & Light Greys – A neutral colour like light grey in a room helps keep the focus on the room’s accessories and furniture. Plus, neutrals age well with your child as their tastes mature, unlike bright colours that they may eventually outgrow. If you want to incorporate brighter colours, use them in the pillows or artwork, which are easy to switch out.

Adding things like glitter and a touch of glow in the dark paint is a great way of being able to keep children entertained by the space without taking up any space! What I mean is let’s just say you have a choice of a 6ft dinosaur teddy or a multi-story dolls house that just simply will not fit in the kid’s bedroom, so will probably end up living downstairs with Mum and Dad, why not get the glow in the dark dinosaur sprayed out onto the wall ready to come alive each night? Or see who can chalk out the most beautiful dolls house on the wall instead, I mean that way they can always add floors and even a garden without the need of space!

When it comes to applying the glitter to the wall there is nothing really to worry about, it’s simply a case of following the same procedure as painting as normal. You can add different quantities of glitter, to get more or less of an effect, this is also the case with how you use the magnetic chalk paint. You simply apply two coats to any standard interior wall, allow to fully dry, and arm the kids with the chalk markers to start enjoying the new addition to the space. To add the glow in the dark option, which is available in a spray can, you simply take the item that you would like to become glow in the dark, spray two to three coats of the product onto the item and before you know it you will have a glow in the dark lamp to avoid struggling to find that switch each night!

Once you have transformed those spaces or items in the house, please remember to add it to our Cotswold Decorating Crew Facebook group for others to take ideas and inspiration from!

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