The Cirencester and District Model Aircraft Club

An assortment of the finest model aircraft.

The Cirencester and District Model Aircraft Club was founded in 1947 and has been in continuous operation since then. Run by local enthusiasts, all of whom are volunteers, the club meets regularly throughout the year and is very fortunate to have two flying sites. One at the business park next to Cotswold Airport, where we have a tarmac strip and another near Garsdon which has a grass surface. The club fly fixed wing aeroplanes and helicopters powered either by internal combustion engines or electric motors, though we don’t operate drones or jet turbine powered aircraft.

The club enjoys a very friendly atmosphere with encouragement and help always at hand for any member, who may either be just starting out in the hobby and learning how to fly, or for the dedicated enthusiast about to commit their ‘one-thousand-hour quarter scale build’ to the air for the first time, which can sometimes be a challenging moment!

Flying a model aeroplane is a very rewarding experience. There’s nothing quite like the sense of achievement that can be had from building, flying and bringing safely back to land your own creation – even if you haven’t actually built it yourself. Occasional mishaps are, it must be said, all part of the experience of model flying, but unless it’s a total write-off most models can be repaired and when they take to the sky again it’s a great feeling.

We are very keen to attract new members of all ages to come and share in the enjoyment of this exciting hobby. Please come along and find out more by contacting either Pat Puffett, 07707 667414 or Stephen Peart, 07966 431869 and we’d be delighted to see and help you.

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