A Log In The Park – Poem by Annie Rider

Waiting for the dark
In a log by the park
The creatures get ready
To come out to play.
Released from their sculpture
To have some adventure.
They take on earthly form
And across the park they roam
Come out to explore and
Take a sneaky tour.

Who is about?
Who’s that with the snout?
It’s hedgehog snuffling around
In the grass upon the ground.
“Oh Hi,” said the toad
From just across the road
But the rat takes chase
And he vanishes without trace.

The hare thumps the ground
He makes a musical beat
With his very long feet
Looks to his feathered friend
Will he her attention gain
With his rhythmic refrain
But the graceful swan just gazes
At what’s going on
And nothing amazes her so
Tucks her head under wing
Decides this is no time to sing!

Hedgehog sees a flash so bright
Tis the kingfisher in his flight
That vivid flash of blue
Soon disappears from view
Darting across the tranquil lake
Ready for a meal to take.
Before the otter makes a meal of him

The fish slowly swim upriver
Watching out for the snake’s a slither
And that sly and very wily snake
Will just as soon as he could take
Them for dinner later,
Or the rat, it doesn’t matter.
But the hedgehog’s too prickly
And would taste too sickly
So, he’ll leave that alone
And slither back home.

Now the dawn has come
And all must go home
Settle back onto their spot
On the side of the tree
Ready for the children
To come and see
For in the light of day
They will sit and play.


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