CHYP Marathon Fundraiser

How Far would you go to help young local homeless people?

Four people ran the 26.2 miles of the 2021 Virtual London Marathon for Local Youth Homeless Charity CHYP – Cirencester Housing for Young People, on the Sunday the 3rd October.

Two runners in the UK, two running in the city of Bathurst in NSW Australia. We were based in Cirencester Park to support them all.  

Our UK runners are Dominick Curnock, who works for and is being sponsored by Bluestone Insurance and Kit Bennett who runs as part of the South Cerney Stragglers running group.

Our Ozzie runners, Jenn Arnold & Stephen Jackson, got involved with the Virtual London Marathon through the Cirencester and the City of Bathurst Friendship Initiative. They decided that the only iconic option to compare to The Bathurst Estate was to complete seven laps of Mount Panorama. (please see local TV interview attached)

The Beano coffee van on the Bathurst Estate sold Fish River Roasters coffee on the day, a nod to the City of Bathurst, AU. And at 8.30 with the Australians just finishing their epic Marathon so our gallant UK runs began, set on their way by Lord Bathurst. The Stragglers were out in force as support runners. Along with friends and family supporters.

Lord Bathurst said ‘’ I was very pleased to hear our Friends in Bathurst Australia are participating in the same race alongside our runners here in Cirencester Park, it’s an excellent example of the Cirencester and the City of Bathurst Friendship Initiative coming to life and in supporting Cirencester Housing for Young People’’

For further information contact: Rebecca Cotton    rebecca.chyp@gmail.com 07870 808390 All profits from fundraising donations go to CHYP.

Cirencester Housing for Young People (CHYP) provides supported accommodation to vulnerable young people between the ages of 16 and 25.

Our residents come from a variety of different backgrounds and have been made homeless as a result of a family breakup, abuse or leaving care. Many have additional problems such as learning difficulties and mental health issues. At CHYP we realise that simply providing safe accommodation is not enough. We provide individual support to develop life skills focusing on self-care, continuing education, finding work and managing individual finance to achieve independent living.

It costs over £250,000 per annum to run CHYP. With less government funding available, we rely on donations from individuals and companies, as well as grant from funders.

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