Corinium Radio Begins a Christmas Countdown

Are we the first? With only seven weeks to go, we are getting excited!

Stephen Connolly

So, how many milestones are there for Corinium Radio between now and December 25th? Well, first off, we have Remembrance Day where we pay tribute to those who lost their lives or were affected by the trauma of war. This year, our Composer in Residence Andrew Hodges has created an immensely moving piece called Armistice Amen which you can hear and see on our website coriniumradio.co.uk And, as well as our usual marking of the 11th hour, you can also hear a very special remembrance edition of The Power of Music from one of our presenters, Duncan Belcher.

As well as all your usual favourite shows, we will be playing two more ‘Listener Special’ programmes during November and December. One is a series of three short plays, authored by Stephen Connolly as Writer in Residence for Cotswolds Lake 32. Steve’s back-history is impressive, as well as being a long-standing contributor to Corinium Radio, he also won the 2018 BBC Radio Solent Playwright competition. The other ‘Listener Special’ is a collaboration with the University of Gloucestershire and its GL Communities Voices project. It’s well worth a listen to the Expressive Voices series on Corinium Radio as participants recall their experiences of living in the county as part of an anthology featured at Cheltenham Literature Festival.

And, suddenly, we move into Advent season. At the time of writing, Cirencester Town Council hasn’t yet made any announcement about any marketplace festivities, but you can be sure that Corinium Radio will be celebrating in style throughout December so look out for the December issue of Ciren Scene to find out more.

For more details, call 07776 144033 or email caroleboydell@coriniumradio.co.uk

And, don’t forget, listen to our fantastic shows and – if you miss any – you can listen again by clicking LISTEN AGAIN on www.coriniumradio.com

Corinium Radio is an award winning volunteer-led online community radio station, broadcasting from the heart of Cirencester.

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