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Climate change and net zero is something we are all aware of and as the seasons change and we get hotter spells we realise it is a battle we face together. In our day to day lives we can do our bit by recycling, using less energy by switching off lights / appliances not in use as well as considering using public transport / walking or cycling. Many organisations are already playing their part in helping the Government achieve their target of net zero by 2050, Cotswold District Council have also committed to achieving net zero by 2045.

So what can you do as a business to help?

  • For your office environment:
    • Switch to LED lightbulbs and set the lights to a timer
    • Insulate your building
    • Adjust heating and cooling system timings, temperatures in rooms
    • Install a smart metre
  • As a wider business:
    • Introduce a cycle to work scheme
    • Minimise the waste from your products and packaging
    • Talk to your supply chain about what they are doing / can do
    • Encourage your staff to consider their actions – make it part of your CSR
    • Purchase reusable items for your staff such as water bottles

And many ask ‘WHY’ should we do this? A few reasons (there are 100’s more)

  • Reduce your costs –achieved by improving your resource productivity (for example by increasing energy efficiency)
  • Create a market differentiator against your competitors
  • Spur innovation – what new products and services will you develop based on less carbon or enable carbon reduction for others?
  • You are doing your bit and some customers will only work with you if you are

In Gloucestershire the Growth Hub network are here to support businesses reduce their carbon footprint by offering support from a sustainability guide as well as informing businesses about the Climate Hub (https://smeclimatehub.org/uk/) the digital home of the Business Climate Leaders campaign. This page is specifically focused on the UK and you will find guidance and case studies about how you can do your bit as well as Global resources.

If you are thinking now is the time to get involved please do contact us on: cirencester@thegrowthhub.biz for more information or check out the latest workshops available here thegrowthhub.biz/events.

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