The Cirencester Chamber committee has been very busy throughout November.

The breakfast meeting? Surely not.

Our last breakfast meeting was at the Baptist Church where getting up extra early for a 7.30am start is always well worth because their breakfast is second to none. Callum Coles – a former Chamber Business Awards winner – talked us through the mysteries of 3D printing, introducing his company, 3D Tomorrow.  He brought some samples icluding parts of a human skeleton and bespoke car parts. Callum set up the company from scratch having first got into 3D printing when he was at Cirencester College. He followed his dream – despite thinking about doing something else 3D printing always brings him back!

Our last evening network meeting took place at the Stratton House Hotel on 10th November, when Phil Bishop told us his story and took us on a whistle-stop tour of Perry Bishop. He also followed his passion. Having first considered becoming an architect, he went to work at Perry and Chambers in Faringdon to find out about houses. He started by working for nothing and turned his hand to everything the company pushed his way, and was eventually offered a full-time job, then 10 years later he bought the business!

Phil generously organised a property quiz with a great prize for the winner of champagne and chocolates.

We all thought we knew a lot about property but how wrong we were! Try the quiz yourself and see how good your property knowledge is (don’t look at the answers!)

Perry Bishop Property Quiz!

Q.1 By what percentage have property prices in Cirencester gone up in the last 12 months

Q.2 By what percentage have properties in Cirencester gone up in the last 5 years?

Q.3 How many properties have been sold in Cirencester over the last 12 months

Q.4 What is now the average price of a property in Cirencester?

Q. 5What has been the average price increase in the UK ( in percentage terms) over the last 12 months

Q. 6What is the average number of years now spent in a property before it comes to the market again

If you got more than two correct answers – you would have won the bottle of champagne, as Jan Sparrow did, but if you own a house in or near Cirencester, you are clearly also a winner!

Our thanks to Phil and his team at Perry Bishop who not only gave an excellent presentation but were also generous sponsors of the Chamber’s relaunch event post lockdown.

Answers: Q1. 15%, Q2. 32%, Q3. 626, Q4. £484k, Q5 .24%, Q6. 18 years.

My Cirencester update

As we go to print, we are working on two initiatives or My Cirencester. Firstly, promoting all our business subscribers at Christmas and the next step on the launch of the My Tetbury card. Once this goes live you will be able to use your My Cirencester card in Tetbury and vice versa

Date for your diary.

After such a topsy-turvey year, we are looking forward to celebrating Christmas! We will be holding our Chamber Christmas party on 8th December from 6 pm at the Growth Hub, Stroud Road. Both Chamber members and non-members are welcome! We are inviting local food and drink companies to take a stall, to not only provide refreshments, but to sell or take orders for their Christmas gifts.

Breaking new ground

In the new year the Cirencester and Cheltenham Chambers are co-hosting an event at Box Tree with the title ‘The importance of ethical procurement’

We are inviting senior management from the public and private sector and the local MPs in both areas with a view to join up the larger employers with SMEs. As Ciren Scene goes to press we are working on an agenda but in simple terms the morning will be focused on educating everyone about ethical procurement followed by meeting the buyers in the afternoon.

On behalf of the Chamber we wish all our members and residents a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

David Fowles

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