CTC to hold budget meeting Jan 25th.

Budget Consultation 2022-23: We’re here for you…..

Cirencester Town Council is consulting on its proposed budget for 2022-23 and the amount of council tax needed to support local services and deliver projects. We are committed to building a connected and inclusive community.

We will only raise council tax when we have public support to do so or in circumstances where we are required to maintain an historic asset, scheduled ancient monument or a legal obligation to fulfil.

Based on previous consultations we believe we have support to deliver the corporate strategy, neighbourhood plan and provide new toilets in the Abbey Grounds. In addition, we have a legal obligation to maintain the town centre until Gloucestershire County Council takes back responsibility, expected to be in 2023-24.

The Town Council receives no financial support from central Government or from Cotswold District Council or Gloucestershire County Council; we are also limited in the type of grants we can apply for.

If we are to deliver on that which the public wants us to, we have to do this through the local council tax. In 2022-23, we expect the additional cost, based on a Band D household, to be £2.47 per month.

We believe it’s important to deliver social, environmental, and economic well-being and invite you to participate in this important consultation. Further information and a questionnaire can be found at www.cirencester.gov.uk; alternatively, please pop into our Local Information Centre at Bingham House, Dyer Street and ask to complete a paper copy/comment card.

The Council will meet on Tuesday 25th January 2022 to consider and approve the budget and council tax for 2022-23; you have the opportunity to comment up to Monday 24th January.

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