Corinium Radio Jan 22: New Year, New Traditions

As we take down the Christmas tree and pack away the decorations for another year, here at Corinium Radio we are also tidying away the equipment in our studio at Bingham House as we are, once again, unable to access the building – oh well, it won’t make so much difference to us as our volunteer presenters and producers are very resourceful. We will just continue to make our shows from the comfort of our own home-studios.

So, panic over. Back to our new normal. Our amazing shows – all made by volunteers – continue to be broadcast every single day of the year. Why don’t you join us? If you have a couple hours to spare and a great idea to share, just get in touch on 07776 144033 or email caroleboydell@coriniumradio.co.uk

And if you’re looking for amusement or inspiration during the grey days of January, just listen to one of our Twelve Days of Christmas features making an appearance on The Brains Behind the Business show. The poem (author unknown), ‘Twas The Month After Christmas’ rings so true for many of us who indulged ourselves over the festive period. It begins:

 Twas the month after Christmas, 
 and all through the house, 
 Nothing would fit me, 
 not even a blouse.

You can catch up on this – or any of our shows – by clicking LISTEN AGAIN on www.coriniumradio.com

Corinium Radio is an award winning volunteer-led online community radio station, broadcasting from the heart of Cirencester.

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