Proposito Feb 22: Thinking about financial planning? We´re wondering why…

Are you the sort of person who jumps straight in or do you plan first? It’s an important question when it comes to financial planning, because at Proposito we believe it is essential to take a step back before getting stuck in.

So, if you are thinking about financial planning and getting advice on your finances, we’d like to know… why?

Here are a few more why questions we should all ask ourselves: why do we invest the way we do? Why do we spend what we spend? Why do we save so much, or so little?

The moment we start asking why, is the moment we realise what we are doing doesn’t actually match with our values, or what we want to do.

If we knew why we did things maybe we wouldn’t splurge on impulse buys, or decide not to open those bank statements, or not keep track of our spending and saving.

Asking ourselves why we make a certain money decision is integral to our financial success, even if it takes a bit of time and effort to reach an answer.

At Proposito, we think if we all asked ourselves why we would have a better understanding of what we want to achieve and what our goals are.

The Proposito Team

So, why might you want to chat to a financial planner? Perhaps you want to understand your money better, or put plans in place for retirement, or want to save for a special holiday or your children’s weddings?

We’ll help you work through your answers to your ‘why’ questions, and plan for your financial future. Then, you can flip the question on its head and ask, ‘why not’!

If you want some help in answering your ‘why’ questions, then ‘why not’ contact our friendly team. Email hello@proposito.co.uk, or call our Cirencester office on 01285 708444.

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