Proposito March 22: Doing Our Bit to Help Fight Climate Change

The Proposito team.

At Proposito, our motivation is helping people to plan for their financial future and for their retirement. As a business and as people we all have a part to play in planning for our future world.

But as we all know, that world is under threat from climate change. Global warming is already having a devastating effect on the planet and we have to act fast to turn this around.

This is why we have signed up to work with Ecologi, an organisation created to help businesses like ours make a contribution towards tackling climate change.

We have become one of Ecologi’s tree-planting partners and for a monthly fee it will plant trees on our behalf. In just three months, we have planted 157 trees in our forest and offset 7.95 tonnes of CO2. Ecologi invests in a broad range of projects that are able to evidence that they are reducing greenhouse gas emissions.  

Planting trees

We also have some other measures in place as a business, to try to reduce our carbon footprint. All our paper is shredded on site and recycled, and we use recycled ink cartridges. The cleaning company we use for our Cirencester office uses only environmentally friendly products.

Sustainable investing is also becoming more prevalent. We are currently learning more about sustainable investing so that we can offer this as an investment proposition for our clients. 

We know that we aren’t perfect, but we are trying to help where we can. This is a great start for us and we’re especially looking forward to growing our forest and seeing the impact we’ve had on the planet.  

If you’d like to chat to us about sustainable investment options, we’d love to talk to you. Email hello@proposito.co.uk, or call our Cirencester office on 01285 708444.

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