The Number Crunchers March 22: The New Normal

COVID has shaped all our lives for nearly two years but as we now, thank goodness, head towards “normal life”, it is interesting to ponder what exactly that means for us, the lives we lead and the choices we make.

Any major life event tends to make people view life differently and the COVID effect saw people change jobs, change partners and change attitudes. People looked at what they had, decided what was actually important to them, and then dispensed of the parts that were not.

Working from home became the norm – people who “had to be in the office” suddenly didn’t.

Cloud accounting became second nature – people who “needed to work with spreadsheets” – suddenly didn’t.

Great client service became the desired – people who just “accepted average” – suddenly didn’t.

The NumberCrunchers saw three waves of incoming clients, the first was because clients’ existing accountants could not adapt quickly enough to provide cloud accounting services whereas we were already geared up for this. But more interestingly the later new clients have joined us simply because people are no longer willing to accept what was delivered – they knew they wanted great customer services and were now brave enough to reach out and find it.

Funny how being forced into one uncomfortable change empowers you to try others, so before we all fall back into “normal”, look around, check what you want – and go get it, not just from your Accountants but from life in general!!

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