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Trips in May and June to St Genis Laval and Itzehoe – get in touch now!

Our friends in St Genis Laval have contacted the Town Council hoping to revive our Twinning partnership which had been slowly diminishing over the last few years and curtailed by the pandemic. A new administration has invited CTA along with our Mayor and Councillors to attend a Twinning event in St Genis Laval between 6th and 9th of May 2022.

It is short notice but if you are free over that weekend and are interested in supporting us, maybe curious about that part of France near Lyon, then please get in touch using the contact form on our website  cirencestertwinningassociation.org.uk  and we can provide more details. It will reach us straightaway.

Not only, but also, the 40th Anniversary of our Twinning Foundation with Itzehoe, Germany will be taking place now at the end of June from the 26th until July 1st, 2022. We have been invited along with their other partners from Poland, former East Germany and France to celebrate our friendship and understanding of Europe today. We welcome your interest to come and enjoy the hospitality that is always given. The timetable includes visits to Kiel and Hamburg catering for all interests, both science and arts.

Our association with Itzehoe has been well documented by them and they have put together a remarkable album of all their visits and events over the years. Our Chair, Anna Colledge, has translated all the information and we are more than happy to pass this on. Copies of the book will be available when we return from Itzehoe in July.

We hope to invite our Twinning partners to Cirencester in 2023 and acquaint them with our town. Any newcomers will surely be enchanted with it and our surrounding countryside. Those who have been before already know!

Margaret Bryant (Committee)

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