Cirencester Art Society (CAS) April/May Update 22

You could be at home here too!

Our meeting on April 5th inspired many. Catherine Beale demonstrated her vibrant and exciting approach to watercolour. It was great to see some some new faces as the popularity of these events grows again.

Watercolour was featured April 5th

On Tuesday 12th our morning painting group welcomed people in with refreshments, a display of our paintings and materials to try out.   Unfortunately, the weather was against us but those that came enjoyed chatting to the artists and seeing our work.

Acrylic techniques were reviewed May 3rd

Our next event will be Tuesday 3rd May at 7pm. We are looking forward demonstrator Hashim Akib. He will be using Vibrant Acrylics so it will be a very colourful evening. Do come along. More information on our Facebook page and website.

To keep up to date with what´s going on in town, feel free to join our Facebook group by clicking here.

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