TNC The Number Crunchers: Changing Software or Accountants

Change can be good or bad … but the thought of change is always a little scary. Never is this more true, than when it comes to your accounts and making any changes to them. The fear of the unknown, prospect of paperwork mountains, technical issues, not to mention ill afforded lost time are typical reasons that people delay an accountancy move – and we understand!

But with the right team, the benefits can really help your business thrive and grow.  We specialise in bespoke Xero setups and reporting, working with you to get real-time information in a format you understand. 

Here at The NumberCrunchers, we recognise the issues and fears attached to a possible software or accountants move. Our aim, however, is to smooth the way for a seamless transition, whether it be from a previous accountant or from different software.

We have a dedicated migration team that will help bring over customers, suppliers, and historic data from SAGE, Quickbooks, Freeagent, ensuring you will be operational on your new software without delay. Although this may be the first time for you, it is something that we do all the time, offering support through every stage of the migration to minimise interruption to your business – and indeed your life!

So, if you are feeling trapped with your current accountant and setup, rather than putting up with a service that is short of what you deserve, talk to us about changing your accountancy software – we promise it will be less painful than you imagine!

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