Feedback from Cirencester Community Railway Project Consultation

The Cirencester Community Railway Project held a public consultation 22nd and 23rd April 2022 at the Parish Forum, West Market Place.

Diorama of proposed Tetbury Road Terminus – Town Halt

More than 200 hundred people visited the exhibition over the two-day period with many expressing enthusiastic support for the scheme.  Whilst there were lots of questions and some concerns raised, only 5 people expressed their objection to the concept.

The consultation.

The level of support and willingness of people to engage in the debate will help to inform the feasibility study as the project moves forward.
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2 comments on “Feedback from Cirencester Community Railway Project Consultation

  1. Robert Wright

    Sorry to sound negative, I am usually all for a green agenda. I just can’t see how this can be viable, railways are vastly expensive to build, run and require regular support. Has there been any consultation on the land to be purchased? It’ll be a service to Kemble where there currently one train per hour. The reason many people don’t use trains is the cost. It only works in countries where it is still nationalised and highly subsidised.
    It a big no from me. If you have the money better cycle lanes and improved bus services would seem a more viable option.

  2. John Stevens

    If this project is in part to prevent people from Cirencester and surrounding areas from driving to Kemble, where are they going to park if they choose to use the Cirencester terminus, where are they going to park?

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