SEW Writing Anthology

SEW’s anthology

‘OFF THE WALL’ a collection of stories and poems by local writers

Somewhere Else writers have published an Anthology – “Off the Wall” marking ten years since the group was formed, containing a variety of stories and poems. It costs £10.00 and contains QR codes which link to many web resources including audio of the writers reading their own work. It can be bought at The Cotswold Show on the 2nd and 3rd of July.

The dictionary defines ‘OFF THE WALL’ as ‘quirky’, ‘idiosyncratic’, ‘wacky’, ‘different’, ‘offbeat’. This book features stories and poems which are all these things and more, exploring many themes: Love, Nature, Fun-and-Games, Industry, Power, and Grief. You can be sure of finding something to suit every mood and occasion, whether for a break during the day, or that satisfying bedtime reading to round off your day

The anthology’s written by a group of women and men who have met in Cirencester almost every week for ten years as Somewhere Else Writers; many of whom have contributed to issues of ‘Cirencester Scene’. 

As a special feature, most of the work in the anthology has a QR code (a square with a special pattern inside, giving a Quick Reference for smartphone cameras) printed alongside each poem or short story which connects you to the author’s reading of their own work (via the SoundCloud downloadable application). This is also particularly helpful for people with vision impairment, and part of the proceeds of sales of this anthology will be donated to the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB). You can get your own copy from Amazon.co.uk… search: Off The Wall book, or …

… Buy it at the Cotswold Show, Cirencester Park, 2-3 July!

Somewhere Else Writers have a stand at this year’s Cotswold Show and Food Festival where you can get a copy of ‘OFF THE WALL’ and some of their members’ other published works at reduced prices on July 2nd and 3rd. Some of the authors will be there, and might write you a short poem or story about your mum, your dad, or your favourite pet? Or you could try just giving them three words, and who knows, you might get a signed masterpiece?

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