Corinium Radio in the Business Community: Aug 22

Corinium Radio volunteer Business Correspondent Virginia Stourton

With over 500 businesses registered in Cirencester, it can be challenging to find the right specialist to help you find the best person for the job – or who can sell you that tastiest cup of coffee. One of the easiest ways to select that special someone is to use the online directory of Cirencester’s Chamber of Commerce which explains who its members are and where you can find them. But if you were looking on Friday 22nd July, the best place to catch them was at their annual awards ceremony where many of them were lining up, hoping to take away a trophy proving they are ‘the best’.

Every month, Corinium Radio broadcasts a show called The Brains Behind the Business providing local businesses with the opportunity to showcase what goes on behind the scenes and, of course, Virginia Stourton, one of our Business Correspondents, was delighted to attend the Chamber’s Business Awards in July to capture the atmosphere and introduce our listeners to some of the guests and winners. Listen out for the interview shorts over the next month and hear about the highs and lows of entering the competition.

And, if you haven’t had the chance of 5 minutes of fame with Virginia, just contact me on 07776 144033 or email caroleboydell@coriniumradio.co.uk for more information about how your business can take its star-turn on the radio!

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