The Number Crunchers Sept 22: Expanding Your Business

We know the feeling – and the pressures!

The Number Crunchers office.

Here at The NumberCrunchers, not only are we accountants…we are also business owners – and so are perfectly placed to understand the real pressures of a growing business! The excitement and delight at the prospect of more clients, more turnover – and hopefully more profit – can sometimes be overshadowed by that gnawing doubt of whether or not you are doing the right thing.

We are currently in that very situation – the opportunity to move into the downstairs space in our building is thrilling … but also terrifying! We are, however, practising what we preach  –

  1. Identify the opportunity
  2. Assess the associated costs (financial and time!)
  3. Assess the best possible outcome – this is not always in “bottom line” terms … while difficult to quantify, increased visibility, can be your business’s best ever advert
  4. Assess the worst-case scenario … if it fails dramatically, will it cripple you financially?

The best thing to do is to then chat it through with a friendly ear … that’s us! Our team are well positioned to have an unbiased opinion and perhaps consider items you may miss in all the excitement. So, give us a call and let us assist!

In the meantime, watch our (actual physical!) space! Having (of course!) done all of the above, we are delighted to announce that from 1st September, we are doubling our office space – which means we need to double our client numbers – so tell your friends please. The NumberCrunchers are growing!

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