Cirencester Town Council Supports Community Safety Charter 2022

Cirencester Town Council has signed up to be part of the Neighbourhood Watch Community Safety Charter making a commitment to take positive, concrete steps to contribute to make Cirencester safer for everyone.

The Community Safety Charter has been created by Neighbourhood Watch, to better understand how different organisations and individuals working together for a common aim can help reduce incidents of harassment, antisocial behaviour, and intimidation in public spaces and ensure that those who are affected are given the reassurance and support they need.

By signing up to the Community Safety Charter and promoting its commitment to ensuring places are safe, the Town Council staff and members aim to have a profound effect on the wellbeing, feelings of safety and confidence of others in the local area as well as deterring offending.

The Town Council will contribute by pledging to:

  • Promote a culture that does not tolerate antisocial behaviour, harassment, intimidation and hostility towards others
  • Enable others to identify and take an active stance against these crimes and incidents
  • Actively encourage and support those who experience or witness these crimes and incidents to report them to the relevant authorities
  • Support those affected and signpost those who need further support to agencies who can help them

As part of the commitment to take positive action against harassment, antisocial behaviour, and intimidation Town Council staff and members will be offered training to help them recognise and report incidences they witness; how to spot the signs, what steps can safely be taken, how to report and where to signpost victims for support.

Cllr Gary Selwyn, Lead Member for Community Services, Cirencester Town Council said “Anti social behaviour impacts the whole community, and there have been a number of local incidents recently which have directly impacted the Town Council. We are proud to support this national campaign empowering positive action at community level.  We encourage local businesses, organisations, groups and others in our community to also sign up to the Community Safety Charter and work together to make our community safer.”

To find out more about the Community Safety Charter and to sign up visit: ourwatch.org.uk/charter. Information can also be found on the Town Council’s website www.cirencester.gov.uk, social media pages (Facebook @CirencesterTC and Twitter @CirenTC) or by contacting the Town Council’s Community Services Team at markets@cirencester.gov.uk.

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