Cirencester Action on Buses Dismay at Stagecoach Cancellation

Cirencester Action on Buses feels that Stagecoach have yet again let down the town by cancelling a valuable service, the town service no 58, without prior public consultation.

A successful bus service attracts passengers when it is frequent, regular and goes rapidly to places where people want to go.  The 58 included the hospital, the Big Tesco’s and went into the three main estates in the town, no other services at all go into the Chesterton and Stratton estates, so leaving residents having to walk up to half an hour, in all weathers with heavy shopping to get home.  

The 58 route was designed so that it went to all the places people needed to access and we asked for the town bus to have two buses operating in opposite directions, so making the service more rapid and frequent and attracting more passengers, but it did not happen. As a result Stagecoach shot themselves in the foot.

It is a great loss to the town to lose this service, both for what it could have been if it had been run more effectively and now a loss for tourists (whose business we need so badly in the town) and a significant local population who cannot run cars ie the elderly, the long term sick, people with young families and those on low incomes who have now lost the basic means to get to shops, medical appointments, jobs and to see friends and family. An own goal on Stagecoach’s part, for which the town is suffering.” 

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David Prewett and Peggy Tout


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