Flourish with Fran Nov 22: No Farmers, No Food…

why we need an urgent change in our food system.

The ‘Good Food Good Farming’ March took place on the 15th October in London, demanding our government to take action to defend our food and farming systems. Led by the Land workers Alliance, and in partnership with Sustain, Nature Friendly Farming Network, PlantLife, Eating Better, Farmerama Radio, Save British Farming, Farms not Factories, Biodynamic Association, Greenpeace, Real Farming Trust, and WWOOF UK (and more!) and thousands of the public who work in the food and farming industry. We all have a stake in the food system, whether you’re someone who grows, produces, distributes, or prepares food, it is time to have a fairer food system.

We are facing a crisis, impacting on nature, the climate, and our society where so much change needs to happen and yet our government is putting forward unambitious national food strategies and underfunding future farming policies such as ELMS (Environmental Land Management Schemes) that were put in place to support the local economy and aid the commitment to net zero by 2050, but this is allegedly under risk.

The march highlighted to our government that urgent action is needed now to prevent the destroying of the planet and allow the UK public to have nutritious food that is affordable and accessible whilst being culturally appropriate. This starts with investing in opportunities to grow and eat good food via community spaces and education, especially in urban areas and marginalised communities. Encouraging a boost in the UK fruit and vegetable production and produce better meat and dairy that prioritises animal welfare and the climate. There needs to be agricultural support policies that protect farms of all sizes in their transition to more sustainable farming and allows a better livelihood for farmers. We need to prioritise the standards of our food and the welfare of our farmers, animals, and the environment. This means that GMOs need to be regulated and we need to see nature-friendly farming policies with a reduction in chemical pesticides and fertiliser use. The final demand is that more farmers, consumers, and activists are involved in political decision making.

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Gerald Miles, who I met at Farm Ed’s Emergent Generation weekend, drove his tractor from his organic farm, Caerhys Farm, in Pembrokeshire to London to lead the march. This journey took him 4 days where he kept the Emergent Generation WhatsApp group entertained with pictures of his travels. Gerald has stated he wants to make the biggest protest possible to keep the government’s ELMS scheme, save nature and stop the deregulation of GMO crops.

The march was part of a European-wide, Good Food, Good Farming Day of Action to coincide with World Food Day on October 16th.  Photos taken by Gerald Miles and those who attended the march.

To keep up to date with what´s going on in town, feel free to join our Facebook group by clicking here

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