The Number Crunchers Dec 22: We Support Fair Tax!

We are delighted to announce that The Numbercrunchers are the first accountancy firm in the UK to have become Fair Tax Accredited. We have always seen tax as a positive contribution to our local services and wider society and, as attaining the Fair Tax Mark is the gold standard of responsible tax conduct, we openly demonstrate that we pay our own taxes at a fair rate.

Our taxes provide for us all from covid protection, education, emergency services, they have been there for us personally when we have needed them.  From my own birth to the old age dementia with my parents today, I could not have coped alone, and that is why we want to positively contribute to a system that cares and will be there for us all. 

Here at Numbercrunchers, we also believe – as a champion for small business – that when taxes are not applied equally or fairly to companies of all levels then it creates an unfair playing field that ultimately will worsen our local economies and communities.  

With a common approach, our clients see The Numbercrunchers as the safe pair of hands that we are. We will not put you at risk, and all our records can withstand scrutiny of any investigation, as do our own! We DO ensure all the correct expenses are claimed along with use of tax schemes such as annual investment allowance or super-deductions.  Our clients pay the right amount of tax and at the right time, keeping them ahead of the game and giving them peace of mind.

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