Fuel for Thought: CADAM Advanced Driving Course

You might think that in this time of austerity you can’t afford to take an advanced driving course – but can you really afford not to?

There are many reasons to do an advanced driving course. With more cars on the road than ever before, and with the standard of driving around the area seemingly at an all-time low, an advanced driving course will help keep you and your family safe, avoid accidents, build your confidence, and give you the satisfaction of knowing you are one of the best drivers on the road.

There are more reasons than that however, and with the cost of living and energy prices soaring, saving money might be one of the most convincing.

An advanced driving course is certainly about safety on the road, but it also gives drivers the skills needed to make their driving far more cost-effective.

These skills include:

  • Enhanced observation and advanced planning to prevent the need for heavy braking or sharp acceleration
  • Increased hazard awareness and how to negotiate these smoothly and in full control
  • Maintaining momentum to conserve energy
  • Ensuring you are in the right gear or driving mode for every situation.  Maintaining the engine in the ‘lean burn’ range – 17-1900 for diesel, 20-2200 for petrol
  • Keeping a constant speed
  • Understanding the importance of keeping an appropriate distance to prevent unnecessary braking
  • Developing enhanced acceleration and braking sense

No matter what car you drive, or your experience, advanced driving skills save fuel (in a recent study, as much as 15%) but it also prevents expensive accidents and unnecessary wear and tear on often eye-wateringly expensive necessities such as tyres and brakes.

The savings don’t stop there, as if you pass an IAM RoadSmart Advanced Test, it can save you an amount on your insurance as well.

Starting on your advanced driving journey couldn’t be easier and is surprisingly inexpensive. The first step is to join IAM RoadSmart (iamroadsmart.com) and buy an advanced driver course. From there you will be put in contact with your local group (Cirencester and District Advanced Motorists – CADAM). You will then be matched with an experienced Observer who will work with you until you are ready to take your Advanced Test.

Safety coupled with savings – now that really is a great investment for 2023.

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