Proposal for major lorry park in on edge of Stratton, Cirencester

Many of you know of the proposal to build a lorry-park, submitted to Cotswold District Council in December 2020 – with over 500 letters of objection adding much weight to their decision to turn down the application. The developer appealed to the national Planning Inspectorate against this decision; this will be heard in the next few weeks.

With such a strong local feeling that this plan to develop land in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) was a case of ‘good idea but in the wrong place’, a group (CARG) was formed to help the District Council continue to defend their decision. We have appointed a legal representative and held another open meeting, but it is easy to lose track so here is a quick roundup of how you can protect our environment and get involved:

What is proposed?

A 24/7 truck-stop for 97 lorries with onsite café and showers.


The proposed site borders Stratton, Baunton and Daglingworth. If successful, land at Ermin Way Farm – which is designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty – would be developed. Overnight security lighting would be installed alongside generators and a maintenance depot.

Why was the proposal refused?

  1. The location
  2. The effect of the development on the character and appearance of the area
  3. The adverse effect on existing trees and the ecology of the area

How can I help?

  • The case will be heard on 31st January so please email: cwgred@hotmail.com indicating your objections to the proposal and how you can help.
  • We need to raise money to fund legal representation. Please be generous and donate or fund-raise through jumble sales, bingo-nights etc. Every little helps us to reach £20,000: we are about half-way there.

What are our chances?

Statistically, only one in three appeals is upheld so we have an excellent chance of keeping our countryside safe, but we all need to work together to make the most of this opportunity – we might not get this chance again.

To keep up to date with what´s going on in town, feel free to join our Facebook group by clicking here

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