Somewhere Else Writers (SEW) Jan 23: Frank McMahon

Frank McMahon

This month’s poem, ‘The Stag’, won second prize in the competition, ‘Voices for the Silent’, run by Indigo Dreams Publishing. It now features in their anthology of the same name.

Frank’s poem also appears in his second volume of poems, ‘A Different Land’, published by Palewell Press. The poem is a protest against the killing of wild animals for sport.

Frank says

” Poetry is thriving these days in the UK, partly due to all the local writing groups around the country.

I want to acknowledge all the help and inspiration given by the members of the Somewhere Else Writers Group.”

To read ‘The Stag’  go to cirenscene.com

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A raven’s flight splits the rising sun.
A curlew sings.

Their scent comes through cracks in the sky.
The stag turns his head searching for direction
in the compass of his gaze,
moves beyond sight to lower ground
of streams and quags. He turns.

The crest of the hill brims with silent hounds.
Their breath steams, tongues wash the air.

He stumbles, moving uphill
to find the ridge, bellows as if in rut.
The morning throbs with fear and lust.

Too many to resist. Plangent,
a long bass note echoes
in the chamber of his throat.

Masked riders lead the hounds away.
An entry in the hunting book.
On grass and ling

a darkening smear of blood.

*This poem won second prize in the Wild Nature competition run by Indigo Dreams in 2021..

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