Leon Daye Band Launch Event for New CD Crashland, 11th March

Helping The Big Yellow Bus Project

It’s been over four and a half years since the formation of The Leon Daye Band.

During that time, we’ve grown considerably as a band finding our feet with a richer sound, incorporating Rock, Indie and Blues.

We’ve collaborated on new material and after line-up changes, pandemics and personal commitments, we finally began work on our debut album – Crashland – last October.

It’s a great, solid rock album, full of foot stomping anthems, screaming guitars and passionate vocals.

The album consists of 8 tracks and touches upon the unprecedented events of the last few years, from a covid pandemic to the Brexit fallout, we’ve found ourselves a nation that’s been battered, bruised and navigating strange times.

One track touches upon the homelessness crisis, whilst another the plight of those caught up in the middle of war.

There lies the nucleus of the album – a world pulling itself apart in uncertain times.

This is our Crash-Land.

The album is due for release in March and we’re hosting a launch event at The Jubilee 77 club in Ashcroft Road on the 11th March.

The band will be performing a live set, including tracks from the album, with CDs available to buy.

This is a free event, and we look forward to performing and sharing our new music with everyone.

We’re donating £1 from each CD album sold, to the local homelessness charity – The Big Yellow Bus Project, as we feel it’s important to support this great local charity and some of the subject matter of the album (including the front cover) runs hand in hand with it.

Crashland will also be available to download and stream on many digital platforms, including Spotify and iTunes.

You can also see the band’s first single video for – Beneath the fold, on YouTube.

You can also follow the band on Facebook and see listings of upcoming events via the website:

YouTube –https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCD9abRz9G6pwsuP_IphvpCA

Facebook – www.Facebook.com/THELEONDAYEBAND

Website – www.LeonDaye.com 

To keep up to date with what´s going on in town, feel free to join our Facebook group by clicking here

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