Stop the Stratton Lorry Park – Save Our Green Fields

A lorry park

Public Meeting 24 March 6pm

HOW?                Come to a public meeting on Friday 24th March              and help STOP the plans to build a lorry park for nearly 100 lorries on the approach to Cirencester

WHERE?            Stratton House Hotel, Gloucester Road

WHEN?              Friday 24th March, 6pm

WHY?                 Help STOP THE LORRY PARK and SAVE OUR GREEN FIELDS. A developer is challenging the decision made by the District Council to refuse permission to build on a field designated as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and YOUR support is needed to defend their decision.

With a strong local feeling that this plan to develop land in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) was the wrong thing to do, a group of local residents got together to fight the developer’s plans. Since our view is it’s good to support lorry drivers but this is in the wrong place so we have identified many, more appropriate, alternative sites because we don’t want to see tarmac covering a Cirencester field and filled with a lorry park for 97 trucks – open 24/7 – as well as an onsite café, showers and maintenance depot. There is also a fear that if this is allowed. Developments on adjoining fields will rapidly follow.

Although the original planning application was turned down by our local District Council, the developer appealed to the national Planning Inspectorate to go against their decision.

The plan was thrown out by our local Council last year because they recognised the impact of all those lorries on our quiet and green location and there was also concern about the potential increase in traffic so close to a nearby school and the effect of noisy generators and reversing bleeps as well as security lighting all night on local residents.

The appeal to overturn the decision is being heard in the next few weeks. This is why we need to act now – it’s our last chance!


Contact: cwgred@hotmail.com

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