The Leon Daye Band Crash Land Review

1 Beneath the Fold
2 Crashland
3 The One
4 Faith
5 Breathe
6 Game of Fools
7 Stone Cold Mama
8 Moneytree
That tracklisting in full!

The new release from the Leon Daye Band sees a fresh sounding record hit the streets! This 8 track album packs more weight than the track number alone suggest, with most songs reaching 4-5 minutes.

The record starts of with Beneath the Fold. Having seen Leon play live numerous times as a troubadour, this is quite a different style of singing! Whilst always staying on point, it is far more aggressive but still carries the song forward.

There is a lot of variety in the vocals across the record, but one of the stand out points is how everything is well recorded and evenly spread. One of the first things a listener will notice is the clarity of the drums. This is not simply a record with some nice ideas. The recordings have been well realised and wouldn´t sound out of place on the largest of speaker systems.

The balance of melody and discord is somewhat in line with the Manic Street Preachers. It isn´t often you hear such a clear voice with precise diction over dissonant tones. Along with rock, there are quite a few blues ballads, such as Game of Fools which features some falsetto Rob Halford wouldn´t kick out of bed!

Final track Moneytree has the blusiest feel, with a guitar tone somewhere between Jimi Hendrix and Pearl Jam. There´s plenty of instrumental breakdowns allowing space for all members of the band to show their playing. Harmonic guitar riffs and a tight rhythm section are a hallmark of the Leon Daye Band.

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