Somewhere Else Writers (SEW) Apr 23: Dave Walklett

Dave Walklett

A past Chair of the group, Dave says he has stories to tell – and he’s the one to tell them, because they are his, and his alone!  His poem, “The Wedding Dress” was included in “Off The Wall” an anthology of stories and poetry by members of the group, published last summer and available from the meeting place of the group:  Somewhere Else Café Bar at 65 Castle Street, Cirencester. Drop in for a drink, a bite to eat, and enjoy some extra food for thought by buying a copy of “Off The Wall” which is also available from Amazon. The anthology incorporates QR codes which enable readers to link to recordings of the writers reading their own work, and there is even more to see on the group’s website somewhere-else-writers.org.

You can read “The Wedding Dress” on cirenscene.com – the online version of this magazine which has extra content and more for residents and visitors.

Wedding Dress

Were someone to ask
I wouldn’t remember your dress,
though I remember the wedding.
I’ve seen photographs, of course,
I can’t remember the dress.

You’ve worn it since, on stage
in My Fair Lady
and to parties where you wanted to impress.

And you did, as always.
But now
in a plastic bag,
behind the bedroom door, it gathers dust

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