Somewhere Else Writers (SEW) October 23: Childhood Clips by Tina Baker

Tina Baker

This month’s poem is titled ‘Childhood Clips’.  You can read it on cirenscene.com and the poem is included in the group’s anthology “Off the Wall” available from Amazon, and you can hear Tina read it by visiting her page on the group website, somewhere-else-writers.org/tina-baker/

Tina began writing as a young child and loved to create puppet plays which she performed in her front garden in the hope of entertaining passers-by.

As an adult she had a variety of jobs including the design and production of technical manuals, assisting an editor in the heady world of publishing occupational health and safety journals and, finally, organising major events.

Later in life she remembered the pleasure of creating stories, so she undertook a two year creative writing course, and this encouraged her to write her first novel, which she hopes to be published, one day.

Childhood Clips

Hailstones stored in jars
next to broken glass cakes.

Handstands in the hallway,
blood pooling in her head,
feet as cold as ice.

Under the stairs a starved meter
waiting in the dark.

Ghosts in the attic,
God and Father Christmas;
the glued up locks,
her mother’s plan,
to stop them getting in.

The tunnel she dug and then filled in,
too tired to escape.

And all those nights in the garden,
reaching up,

collecting stars for ammunition.

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